Adjusting to Working From Home, With Kids: 10 Gifts of Quarantine

by in Health and Wellness March 30, 2020

In these days of quarantine, one thing that is predictable is that my emotions, from day to day, are unpredictable. Staying at home is not something I am used to. It has been quite an adjustment. One day, I feel amazing!  It’s like I am cruising on my bike with no hands, smooth sailing. The sun is shining and all is under control. The next day, it is as if the wheels fell off! Suddenly I fly into the bushes and I can’t move!  I struggle to find ways to snap out of it.  On days like these I go to my gratitude journal. I try to embrace this situation as much as I can. To help, I´ve come up with a list of gifts I have received from being in social isolation.

  1. No dog-parent guilt. I used to feel so bad, leaving my dogs each day as I went off to work.  They are living their dream having all of us at home, 24/7!  I don´t think I´ve ever seen my puppies so happy!
  2. Outside is my happy place. Now that I am home, I am able to take more hikes and walks!  This is so good for my mental health.
  3. We can sleep in or just ease into the day.  There is no morning rush to get out the door!
  4. I have more time! This is something I’ve prayed for!  Now that all activities are on hold, I spend less time in the car driving from place to place and more time at home.  Now there is more time to cook, to exercise, to read, to write or watch movies.   There is more family time!  
  5. There is more music in the house! My kids have more time to practice their instruments.  It does get loud at times, but for the most part, the music is the perfect distractor.  
  6. My house is a mess, but I don´t care! (Well for the most part.) I am a type A personality, everything has its place.  I would always worry that an unexpected guest will come over and the house will be in disarray! These days, I don’t have to worry about that! Nobody’s coming over!
  7. I am learning how to use technology in ways I have never used it before!  
  8. As timing has it, this shake up got me out of a teaching rut!! I have been teaching in a classroom for over 20 years. I feel like I’m reinventing myself and I can be that creative teacher again!
  9. I value my relationships more. My family and friends are making creative efforts to stay connected.
  10. Family time is unavoidable and I love it! My kids may be on my last nerve at any part of the day, but generally, our time together is a gift!  Looking back on this pandemic, I hope my family will have more good to say, than bad.  I hope they remember the games we played, the friendly competitions, the music, the recipes we made and most of all the love and laughter.  
  1. Julie I am in tears❣️This was an amazing piece❣️ I love you and am so blessed you’re my daughter in law❣️

  2. Thanks for thr great article!

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