There’s power in purpose—and the bigger the purpose, the greater the power.

Health is a central value of Neogenics, and lies at the heart of its innovative products. The founder and his colleagues have all been touched in their lives by the health struggles of loved ones. Today, more than ever, each of us is responsible for protecting and nurturing our physical wellbeing. Regular exercise, sound sleep and wise eating are all important, but most of us also need nutritional support.

Products that Change Lives

Neo” means “New” and everything about the Neogenics product line is designed to deliver new benefits to customers, based on solid science. Initially, the company is focused on three critical areas of human wellbeing: hormone balance, weight loss and brain health.

For both women and men, balanced hormones are the key to overall health. Under the growing stress of modern life, our delicate endocrine systems are easily disrupted. As the years pass, the imbalance is liable to grow. Neogenics has created a complete nutritional system called NeoCore Hormone Balance, with one version for women and another for men. For women, the centerpiece is NeoDIM, a formula that gently and naturally balances estrogen levels. For men, the equivalent product is NeoTest, which naturally raises testosterone production.

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