Juara Skincare

We believe all women are champions inside. The spirit of JUARA is to be the champions of our own destiny by being true to who we are and doing what we love.


or most of us, three things make for a better tomorrow: relationships, health and financial security. Neogenics is designed to foster all three, and relationships come first.


Beachbody® puts proven fitness tools in your hands—all you need to do is press "Play." Together, we'll turn your goals into results. Find the right program for you today!


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January 12, 2020
A Girl Brought Him Back

I totally understand it wasn’t me that drew him back and probably not even the Keys. It was “the gir...

November 25, 2019
Life Coaching by Gretchen

Just shy of turning 48 and I’m fulfilling one of my BIG BIG dreams, life coaching! I coach you how t...