My Journey of Self Love – Part 1

by in Health and Wellness November 26, 2019

I need to begin by telling you a very scary story, don’t worry it has a happy ending…spoiler alert!!!


August 11, 2013 was a beautiful day in Wayne County and we were attending a family picnic. We brought along my brothers girls..Em and the twins are 9 months apart. We ate, the kids played volleyball and swam in the pond. Later that night, after showers, Em had mosquito bites all over her, but this was nothing new…they loved her…she was always bit up no matter where we went.

Fast forward two weeks……I am finishing up with Nick at an orthodontist appointment and Tom calls me and says he’s taking Emily to Children’s ER. Now…you need to understand what a big deal this is…Tom is a family physician and in our house….no matter what ails you… put ice on it and go to bed…..

So here he is telling me something just isn’t right…..Em had asked “for more soup on her cereal” and “could someone let the remote in cuz it was outside” She was also complaining of headaches.
We took her to the ER and by looking at her, she was fine…no fever….nothing…something was just…OFF They wanted to give us a migraine cocktail and send us home. We said no and went home.

The headaches continued and a few days later….she answered me…every single question with “alright”…to this day…I hate when she says it…..I then knew something was really wrong and she didn’t even know who I was. I called my SIL who came to get us and took us back to the ER

Talk about scary, she didn’t know who I was and couldn’t even answer the admitting nurses questions. She was mean and frustrated because she knew no one and just wanted to sleep. They did a spinal tap in the ER with an initial diagnosis of meningitis and up to the PICU we went. We were there for about 3 days and about every ¾ hours she would be told who I was, where she was, why she was there…hooked her up to vanco…and about after 24 hrs she came around. Dr. Forbes was introduced to us then as we were getting ready to go to a regular floor……he didn’t want her to go exactly because kids that get this usually have seizures…but he couldn’t keep her and wait either. We spent one night on a regular floor and snuck away to watch my son play some football… see…’s hard being a mom when your kids are healthy…but then when one gets sick…mom guilt kicks in because you don’t want to miss anything with the other either.

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