Adjusting to Working From Home, With Kids: Advice For the New Homeschooling Parent

by in Health and Wellness March 30, 2020

A few weeks ago, when parents were faced with the fact that they would have to homeschool, many asked how they could fit in a full day of work with a full day of school. They assumed that school from home meant 8 daily hours of home instruction. This is not the case. The research I read from other homeschooling professionals states that most homeschool students need an average of 3 hours of daily instruction. Depending on the grades, younger students need less, while older, students need more. 

With that said, getting our kids to work from home is still a challenge. What if they don’t do all the work? Will they be behind? What if I don’t know how to help my child?  

Relax! You got this!

First, to maneuver through homeschooling together, here is what we need to keep in mind. You are your child’s very first teacher! Each day, you model how to do life! You may not know how to solve a Common Core math problem, but you are still teaching valuable lessons!

Some of the Lessons You are Teaching:

  • Faith
  • Perseverance
  • Conservation
  • Value and Power of Relationships with Family and Friends
  • Resiliency
  • Problem Solving
  • How to handle boredom
  • Independence
  • Responsibility
  • Following a recipe
  • Personal Hygiene (These days, we shouldn’t leave that off!)

This is a perfect time to teach and reinforce these skills.  Kids can do it, so let them! Most kids, by the age of 8, can make their own breakfast, pick out their clothes and do chores. This includes schoolwork. Do not let them fool you! The reason teachers are able to handle 25 students at a time is because we teach them how to work independently. With that said, teachers are being mindful.  They are developing activities and lessons the students can do with little to no help.  

A huge benefit to homeschooling is that the schedule is flexible.  If it is warm and sunny, take advantage and go outside! Have the kids play, experiment and get messy! Also, you get to see them work an optimal time of the day.  How often do your children come home from school burnt out!  They´re a mess! At homeschool, the day is full of choice.  If a child reads better in her comfy chair, she can. If he wants to write outside, that works too! You now have an opportunity to see that enjoyment of learning, that spark, or Ah Ha moment! It’s one of the best parts of teaching.  

What?  Your child doesn’t want to do the school assignments? They are resisting your requests! Am I surprised? Not one bit. Even as a teacher, my own kids struggle to find the motivation to get their work done.  At times I feel powerless, like it´s mutiny! This is when I reach out to my village.  Friends and teachers are great motivators. My daughter works best when she is Facetiming her friend. They complete homework together.  

Over this past week, parents email me at their wits end stating that their child will not do any work at home. I have been known to make phone calls to students or send an email to motivate them and guide them in the right direction. Sometimes the students just need to know that someone else, besides their family member, still cares about their education. It is a team effort! Just because we are not at school, does not mean we are not connected. Teachers, especially, want to support your efforts! We got this!

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